Welcome Heroes
Status: Online

Today I have added a new service to the website please try it let me know how you feel about it. This service will do the following for you,(Increase Inventory to 194 and Bank to 80 slots).  

Autor: Admin 3/13/2019

This is the link to our discord channel.Come join us an chat .https://discord.gg/yBvmTgP     To stop confusion and frustration, we ask that you use your GAME NAME on discord. Thanks!!Your Allegian

Autor: Admin 2/28/2019

These are THE RULES: 1) Players are allowed 4 accounts per IP/ **family** address. This will allow all players to play.  2) Treat each other, the server, and the game space you are in with respect.

Autor: Admin 2/27/2019

Max lvl 150, max culti, boss drops for charts and engaves, challenging events, and more. Make new friends and play around old ones. GMs helpful. Have fun!!

Autor: Admin 2/27/2019