Blue Dragon PW is here to make you remember old times!

Dragon Slayer

Have you ever dream to become a dragon slayer?


Me too! And look at me now!!!

Welocome to BDPW!

Hello this server is a combination of pvp and pve that you never seen before. We promise you this: that this server wont have any wipes and that this server will be hearing the player opinio.
Even that this is a very old version(1.3.6) of pw is clasified by many the best version of perfect world ever! This server max level is 500 and you can level up ingame up to 400 after that you have to vote or donate. End game gearing is easy to get it will take you bottom line 1 week at most, however there will be things a bit harder to get so that we can keep both sides (PvP'rs and PvE'rs happy).

See you soon!