Welcome to Higher Calling PW
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Here is the link to the Discord Channel.  Hope to talk with all soon!!   https://discord.gg/9vERMr

Autor: MrFalcon 4/20/2019

There is a new starter guide on this site as well as our Discord channel.  I hope that it helps you on your adventures.    -Corona

Autor: MrFalcon 4/20/2019

Hi all, i have good news :D- Added an automated - Fixed homestead entry point error- Added new weapons at Immortal Legend that you can make or upgrade with 3 new materials:500 Unknown Silver Hex1000 U

Autor: MrFalcon 3/17/2019

First of all we are hiring gms please visit us on discord for more information https://discord.gg/8ptxwASecond of all we have super offer you get double BDDP when you donate. Note 1: Event will end on

Autor: MrFalcon 2/21/2019